5 Tire Myths Debunked

tire with text 5 tire myths debunked

Tires are a vital automobile component. Still, myths about automobile tires persist, and they may put you in danger.

Myth #1: My Tire Pressure Monitoring System Is All I Need

Tire pressure is important for safe driving. Many newer vehicles are equipped with an electronic gauge for measuring tire pressure. This may make drivers feel secure. However, the tire pressure warning indicator only comes on when the they are at greater than 25 percent below manufacturer recommendations, which is dangerous. Use the tire pressure system as a last resort.

Myth #2: If Only Two Automobile Tires Are Replaced, They Go In the Front

The rear tires on an automobile give it stability. When they are more worn than the front tires, the result is a tendency for the rear tires to lift off of a wet road, causing a spin.

Myth #3: Combine Large-Diameter Wheels With Low-Profile Tires For Better Handling

Low-profile tires only deliver the sensation of improved handling. However, it’s the tires’ stickiness that makes the difference rather than a combination of large-diameter wheels and low-profile tires.

Myth #4: If Tire Pressure Exceeds the Stated “Max Press” On the Whitewall, Bursting Is Imminent

Many drivers believe that the “max press” number should guide their decisions regarding tire pressure on their automobile. That max press number is really just an indication of the ideal pressure at which the automobile can carry a maximum amount of weight.

Myth #5: All Tires With the Same Number Designations Are the Same Size

It’s accepted that a tire designation of 225/35R19s means a 225 mm wide tire that has a height that is 35 percent of the tire’s width. The reality is that a tire with this designation may be larger or smaller depending upon whether it’s a performance or economy tire.

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  1. I like that you mentioned only using the electronic pressure gauge as a last resort. Some can be more accurate than others, but you just don’t know. It is best to use a manual gauge every now and then for safety reasons. This reminds me it is about time to check on my tire pressure.

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