5 Tips to Keep Your Car In Great Shape

image with text 5 tips to keep your car in great shape

Rainproof Your Windshield

Did you know manufacturers recommend replacing your blades every three months? Not many people will replace their wipers until they start to perform poorly. A product such as Rain Clear can help minimize the work your wipers do, just spray it onto the glass every few weeks.

Lower Your Seat

Drivers who sit higher feel as if they’re driving slower because they cannot feel the car’s vibrations as much. SUV and truck drivers, who are already driving vehicles that are most prone to roll, drive faster because they feel like they’re going much slower than they are.

Get Unstuck

If your tires have sunk into mud, snow, or sand, lower your tire pressure as low as five or six, and dig out space in front of the tires to give yourself a run. If you don’t get traction you want, put down some pieces of carpet, attach a leash on what you use for traction, and tie it to your bumper so you don’t have to run back into the yuckiness to pick it up.

Shift Into Neutral

Shift into neutral at traffic lights, especially if you know it’s a long one, your transmission doesn’t care and it makes things a little easier for the engine. This technique reduces the amount of heat carried by the cooling system and can increase gas mileage by a little bit (and those bits add up!)

Men: Empty Your Pockets

The average guy spends a little over an hour every day behind the wheel. A thick wallet in your back pocket raises one hip above the other which twists your spine and strains your lower back. It can put pressure on your sciatic nerve, a common source of lower-back pain.

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  1. Also, a good advice on car care is the regular oil change. The general recommendation for a replacement is every 7-8000 miles. Personally, I change once in 3-4000 miles, and the engine is not crooked by one iota.

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