Five Signs Your Alternator Needs to be Checked

alternator with text five signs your alternator needs to be checked

The alternator in your car is a very important component: it charges your battery while you drive. If your alternator dies while you’re on the road, you only have a few miles to move to safety before you lose power completely. However, a dead alternator doesn’t have to catch you off-guard on the highway if you are taking care of it. Here are five signs for you to be aware of so you don’t end up stranded on your next road trip! 

Alternator Failure Warning Signs

Dead or Dying Battery

A dead or dying battery can be due to old age, but often an alternator is to blame. A bad alternator will drain the battery life because the alternator doesn’t have the power to charge it. If your battery is totally dead, especially if you just had it replaced, get your alternator looked at right away.

Your Car Won’t Start or Stalls A Lot

There is a belief that cars run on gas alone, but that’s not entirely true. Your vehicle also needs electricity, even if it’s not a hybrid. Your alternator gives power to the spark plugs that ignite the gasoline in your vehicle. If the alternator is failing, it won’t be able to keep the engine alive and your car will refuse to start.

Electrical and Light Issues

An alternator that is going bad will take the ship down with it – literally. The following components will stop working or not work at full steam if your alternator is failing:

  • Headlights
  • Interior lights like your overhead light or your dash
  • Power windows and locks
  • Radio
  • Air Conditioner and Heater

A Noticeable Warning Light

Most modern cars tell you when something is wrong with your car with an indicator light on your dashboard. The light for your alternator is shaped like a battery, but some cars make the distinction by adding ALT or GEN to the warning. This light should never be ignored because it lets you know that your alternator is going kaput. Bring your car to Performance Auto to have our team check the diagnostics.

Weird Noises

Finally, a failing alternator will practically scream at you. You’ll hear strange noises coming from beneath the hood that may freak you out. Don’t be afraid – just leave it to the experts!

Contact Performance Auto today to speak with our honest and qualified team. Let us take care of your car repair today!

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