5 Signs Your Car Needs a New Transmission

image with text 5 signs your car needs a new transmission

Your car’s transmission is one of the most essential parts of your vehicle. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that your transmission needs regular maintenance just like your tires. If you haven’t been taking exceptional care of your transmission, there’s a chance that it could fail and cause expensive damage to your car. Take a look at these five hints that your auto transmission needs to be replaced: 

Five Signs You Need a New Transmission

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Have you noticed a stain on your driveway after you’ve been parked overnight? It could mean that your transmission fluid is leaking. Transmission fluid doesn’t get used up like motor oil, so if you noticed that your transmission oil is low, it is a sure sign you have a leak.

Gear Issues

Difficulty shifting gears is a good way to tell if your transmission is in trouble. You may have noticed that your gears are grinding if you have a manual transmission, or that there is a lot of shaking when you shift with an automatic transmission. You also may notice extreme jerks when you shift, or your car suddenly falling out of gear when you’re driving.

Warning Smells

When you climb out of your car, can you smell burning fluid? Transmission fluid generally smells sweet or tart. Burning fluid could mean that your transmission is burning, which can be a sign of serious damage and require your transmission to be completely rebuilt.

Bizarre Sounds

If your transmission is “talking” to you, it’s not always a good sign. You may hear whining, buzzing, or clunks when you’re driving, or excessive noise when your car is in neutral. You won’t be able to miss the sound of your gears grinding, either. These noises can mean that your transmission is worn out and needs to be inspected immediately to assess the damage.

Delay in Movement

Your car or truck shouldn’t hesitate when you put it into gear. If you find that you’re not moving smoothly from no movement to drive because your car shifts gears for no reason or hesitates when you get into gear, your transmission is suffering.

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