5 Common Fluids Leaking From Your Car


Chances are if you drive a car at some point it will leak some sort of fluid. If you aren’t too keen on cars and have no idea what the leak could be you might expect the car to blow up at any moment. By knowing a few fluids, what they do and why they might leak you won’t have to live with the fear of an auto explosion any longer.

Antifreeze (Coolant)

This is commonly a green, sticky fluid, although sometimes it is pink or orange. A coolant leak is fairly normal and it won’t cause you or your car imminent danger but it should get fixed as soon as possible. If it goes left unchecked the engine will overheat and the car will die. Coolant is also very toxic but smells sweet to animals and they will lick it up. So if you have pets, keep them away from the fluid if it runs onto the driveway.


It’s easy to see an oil leak because it will leave a puddle under your car. You want to get the car to a mechanic as soon as you can because left alone low oil levels can damage the engine. Old oil is dark brown/black but new oil is a yellowish hue. Oil seeping or dripping is common in high-mileage cars and can leak from an oil plug or filter that is not attached properly, a worn oil gasket, corroded oil coolant line or high oil pressure.

Brake Fluid

Similar looking to oil, brake fluid is yellowish brown and has an oily feel to it but is slightly thicker. If you suspect the fluid leaking from your car is brake fluid, have it towed immediately. Driving a car with a brake fluid leak is extremely dangerous because it can cause the brakes to fail at any moment.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

This is a red fluid that lubricates switching between gears and if it becomes low it can grind the transmission, replacing a transmission is over a thousand dollars. The leak will be found near the middle/front of the car.

Power Steering Fluid

This makes your wheel turn without throwing out your shoulder. It is still possible to drive a car if the fluid is out, but it will require some serious muscle and isn’t recommended. Power steering fluid is yellowish but some cars use automatic transmission fluid so it might be red, check your owner’s manual.

Leaks not to worry about would be windshield wiper fluid which is only a problem if you drive through something awfully dirty, and water. Water isn’t actually a leak but it is usually condensation dripping from the bottom of your car due to blasting the A/C.

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  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that brake fluid is yellowish brown. My car has been leaking, but I wasn’t sure where the leak was coming from. It’s a yellowish brown color, and I don’t think it’s oil, so I’ll definitely look into taking my car in to get the brake system checked. Thanks for the great post!

  2. There are common signs that tell you about fluid leaks in your car. A coolant leak is very much common as it wont damage your car but it should fix as early as possible. Then oil seeping or dripping both if do not attached properly can leak from filter. Driving a vehicle with leak of oil can be a threatening and can cause brake to fail in any time. If you do aware of all these common fluid leaks in car then you can safely place and go for a long drive. Good to know the fluid leakage symptoms that are commonly happen to car . Nice blog to appreciate.

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