5 Things Every New College Student Should Know Before Taking a Car

Congratulations! Next month starts a new chapter in your life – your first semester at college. Whether you’re traveling 2,000 miles or 20 minutes down the road, there are things that every first-time college student needs to know when it comes to having a car on campus. Let Performance Auto be your guide to the ins and outs of vehicle ownership in your first semester and make an appointment with us today to iron out any problems before you leave for school.

5 Things Every College Student Should Know: Taking Your Car to College

Alert Your Insurance Provider

If you’re going to school out of state, you’re definitely going to want to have a conversation with your insurance provider that lets them know where you’re going. This should happen with your parents so that everyone is on the same page regarding your policy coverage and so that you know what you’re paying for if you are expected to take over insurance payments.

Figure Out Campus Parking and Get a Permit

Some college campuses don’t allow freshman to have vehicles on campus; other campuses will allow it, but you can only park in certain areas. Stake out parking before you arrive on campus so that you’re in possession of all the facts and make sure you have your parking permit before you show up. You’ll save yourself from a lot of headaches – and parking tickets – down the road.

Know How You’re Going to Pay for Little Things

Maybe your parents are covering your car payment and insurance, but what about gas? Maintenance checks? Minor dings and repairs? Do you know how you’re going to cover all the day-to-day costs that come with having a vehicle on a college campus? We recommend working out a plan with your parents to figure out these little costs or, hey – you can always see if the campus cafeteria is hiring.

The Hazards Associated with Letting Friends Drive

It might seem like no big deal to let your friend borrow your car for an afternoon to run errands or during a midnight ice cream run. However, you and your friends should all be aware of who is liable in case there is a wreck. Make sure your friends are insured before they jump behind the driver’s wheel to avoid an uncomfortable call home.

Find Out Where to Service Your Car

Before you leave for school, you should get your engine checked, fill your tires, and generally make sure everything is working as it should. If something should go wrong while you’re at school, even if you’re just down the road, you need to know where you can get your car towed for repairs. Do a little research while you get settled in at school to find a quality repair shop – your first step towards acing adulthood.

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