5 Car Hacks to Deal with Snow & Ice

snow covered car with title text five car hacks to deal with snow and ice.

Winter can mean a sparkling wonderland full of skiing, sledding, and shredding around on a snowboard. On the other hand, getting anywhere is a huge hassle. Snow and ice overnight mean getting up early to take time to scrape the car in the freezing cold or risk being late to work or school. To cut down on your winter pain, check out our tips.

Car Tips for Winter

1. Defrosters

You might think that going straight for the ice scraper is the best approach but cranking up the interior defrosters will help melt the icy windshield more quickly. While you’re out scraping, your vehicle’s fluids have a chance to warm up and start circulating, which keeps your car healthier than peeling out on a cold start.

2. Frozen Wipers

Windshield wipers get stuck in the bigger chunks of ice because it builds up more easily at the bottom of the sloped shield. If you try to crack the ice by pulling up on the wipers or because you want to free them to wipe away the fluffy snow—don’t! This can severely damage your wipers. Instead, chip away at the ice and let the defroster melt the rest.

3. No Hot Water

For anyone who has ever been through elementary school, you should know that pouring hot water over ice is a great way to melt it—and a great way to crack your windshield. The extreme difference in temperature causes the glass to become brittle and break.

4. Face East

It probably never occurred to you to simply park your vehicle facing east (if possible) so that the sun starts to melt the ice as soon as it begins to rise. it may not be much depending on the temperature outside but it’s something.

5. Cover the Car

Obviously, parking under a covering is the best option, but that’s not always possible. If you have to be up really early and want a head start, cover your mirrors with plastic bags, pop socks over your wipers, and cover your windshield with cardboard, a garbage bag, or a towel.

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