4 Ways to Know Your Radiator is Leaking

image with text 4 ways to know your radiator is leaking

We discussed what to do if your engine overheats but did you know that a leaking radiator can cause major problems if your car does overheat? Your radiator is in charge of regulating your engine’s temperature, so if there’s not enough coolant, things can heat up pretty quickly. Pay close attention under your vehicle’s hood and look for these signs to make sure you catch leaks before they catch you.

Signs of Radiator Leakage

Discoloration or Rust

As coolant leaks, it can cause your radiator to become discolored or corrode from rust. The underside of the radiator will have the most discoloration, as well as any engine parts nearby. Clean your engine before inspection as leaks may be easier to see when the engine is clean.

Low Coolant

Coolant, like oil, needs to be added when it gets low. Topping up the coolant can prevent serious damage to your car. If the coolant levels drop too much or drop too quickly, it could be a sign that your radiator is leaking.

Worn Out or Loose Radiator Hoses

Radiator hoses suffer wear and tear like any other part of your vehicle. There are also clamps that hold the hoses to the radiator that can become loose due to vibrations from the engine. Splits, cracks, or bulges in the hose should be repaired immediately.

Puddles Under Your Engine

Any leaks in your vehicle, whether coolant or oil, will naturally be pulled in the direction of gravity. This can work in your favor because finding puddles under your engine is a sign of leakage. The puddle will look slimy and toxic-green and should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent harm to children or animals.

Don’t let a leaking radiator slow you down this summer. Repair any issues with your car as soon as possible to ensure a long life for your vehicle.

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