4 Ways You’re Destroying Your Vehicle



In general, we as drivers can be oblivious to what is happening to our cars. Below is an outline of some of the most common hidden car-tortures.

Driving on Low Fuel

if you are desperate to get to work and don’t have the time or money to get a full tank of gas, you pump in a couple bucks worth an drive on. If you are constantly doing this, you are damaging your car by making it rely on the bottom of the tank, which is where the sediments settle. This debris can clog up your fuel filter and might just slip pat into your engine. Make sure you keep at least half a tank as often as possible.

Quick Acceleration & Slamming Brakes

We’ve all been there, you’ve got a jerk in the lane next to you that refuses to change speed so you can get around them (and not stuck putting behind them for a mile.) So when the the light turns green you hit the gas and zoom around them only to slam on the brakes immediately at the next light. If you are doing this on a daily basis then you are going to wear down your brake pads and stressing the system in general. Plus you’ll use a lot of gas.

Parking On a Hill

If you’re parking on a hill in a car with an automatic transmission you should shift into neutral after you’ve firmly pressed the brake and set the parking brake. Remove your foot slowly from the brake petal allows the car’s weight to settle against the parking brake and then shift the transmission into park. This will keep the car’s weight off of the transmission and reduce wear.

Too Much Cargo

Avid campers or doomsday preppers might be ready for anything but all those canned good, tents, luggage and who knows what else weight down your vehicle. This is making your car work a lot harder than it needs to and burning more fuel, which is going to end up destroying those forests you love to hang out in. keep some handy emergency items with you, but more than a couple pounds is just too much.


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  1. Some more reasons are:
    Not Giving the Car Enough Time to Warm Up
    Not Slowing Down for Speed Bumps
    Using Water Instead of Coolant in the Radiator
    Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

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