4 Tips to Improve Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

fueling car with text 4 tips to improve your vehicle's fuel economy

Gas is expensive and every time the gas light comes on it feels like you just filled the tank. So, we are turning to better fuel efficiency in new cars but if you have an older car, there are a few ways to keeps more money in your bank account.

Tips to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Economy

Accelerating & Braking Hard

Not many of us enjoy driving, especially with the way some people drive. So, we accelerate quickly and stop suddenly to get around all the traffic as quickly as possible. However, heavy braking and acceleration lead to massive fuel consumption. Slow acceleration plus moderate braking are the most effective ways of combating fuel wastage.

Use Your Cruise Control

A great way to help control your speed on the highway is to use your car’s cruise control function. By locking the speed of your car using cruise control, your engine will find it easier to maintain a constant pace.

Unnecessary Idling

Should you find yourself in a situation where you are forced to stop your journey for some time, it is advisable for you to turn off your engine instead of letting it run as this consumes fuel. Some cars consume as much as half a gallon every hour when the air conditioner is on and the engine is idling. To attain fuel economy, switch off your engine and restart it whenever you are ready to take off.

Aggressive Driving

Driving aggressively puts stress on the engine and forces it to work extra hard. As a result, more fuel will be used. When you drive aggressively, you can reduce fuel economy of your car by more than a quarter. The best way to avoid this is to accelerate and brake gradually; this will enable your car’s engine decrease or increase its pace in a smooth manner thereby limiting the amount of work it must perform.


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  1. I found it interesting when you said that a more fuel to be used if you drive aggressively your car. My brother has a new car, and I think that he can benefit if I will share your article with him. I’ll make sure to remind him to drive smoothly for him to save his car fuel.

  2. And what should I do if any of these tips won’t work? Well yeah, I have new car with a new engine, but my old car, which I really like, it is a kind of aggressive and I can’t do all these things, as the model is really old( Maybe it is better to sell it? Or change engine? I love this car as it was my first car, which I bought for my first salary at college(

  3. Very helpful and Useful article, appreciate it.

  4. In case you’re worried about the cost of gas or need to limit the effect of your driving on the earth, you don’t need to scrap your auto for a crossover or a subcompact econo-box.

  5. Nice Blog. I liked it. Keep post regularly these type of blogs.It is very informative.

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