4 Reasons Why Your Car’s Air Conditioner Might Be Blowing Hot Air

So, you got up this morning, drank your morning coffee, showered and got out the door – so far so good, right? It’s June and you noticed that today is a little muggier than usual. No problem! You’re only a few feet away from the sweet, sweet air-conditioned comfort of your car. You get in, buckle up, turn the key, and switch the A/C fan up to high. And in that very moment, you’ve realized your car has betrayed you and it’s blowing nothing but hot air. But why?

Reason #1: Your Car is Leaking Refrigerant

A refrigerant leak can occur at any point in the air conditioning process, so it can be difficult to determine the exact location of the leak. However, the most common places where leaks are found are at A/C unit hose connections.

Reason #2: The Condenser is Blocked

The condenser of your car’s air conditioning unit is supposed to re-cool hot refrigerant once it’s been compressed. This is done using the airflow that comes through the front of your vehicle as you drive. If the condenser is blocked by some debris from the road, then it will be unable to cool the refrigerant properly and your car’s system will continue to operate with overheated refrigerant. This will quickly cause the A/C unit to only discharge hot air.

Reason #3: The Condenser is Broken

If there’s nothing blocking the condenser, it’s possible that it may be broken. A broken condenser can be caused by a puncture from road debris going through the grill of your car and damaging the part.

Reason #4: Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can be the most difficult problem to diagnose when it comes to your A/C not working properly. If you suspect electrical issues, a thorough inspection of all wiring should be done to see if any wires are broken or frayed.

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  1. Huh. It didn’t occur to me that my AC might be broken because of electrical issues. I kid you not, I’ve just been driving with windows down for the past year. I guess it’s time to start looking for auto repair shops.

  2. Nice article!
    I had a problem regarding my air car’s conditioner. After reading your article I found out there were some dirt and dried leaf stuck inside the condenser. I removed it and my AC is working just fine! Thanks goes to you. 🙂

  3. Impressively defined and researched! It will help many to know about the reason when next time their car’s AC will blow hot air. Knowing about the issue and fixing it as early as possible can help in improving the life of the vehicle. So, I suggest everyone go for preventive maintenance for your car. Thanks!!

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