4 Hacks to Help Until You Get Car Repair

If you ever wondered if those Macgyver-like fixes would actually work in real-life, read the list below of car hacks can help you until you can get car repair:

Car Repair Hacks to Try Today!

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Try toothpaste to clean cloudy headlights:
Foggy headlights make it hard to see at night and are visually unappealing, so making them look brand new would be nice, but that kind of car repair can be expensive. Thankfully, if you use whitening toothpaste, a cloth, some elbow grease, water to rinse away the residue and another rag to dry the headlights off, you can make your headlights look storeroom brilliant once again.

Use gum to stop a fuel leak:
To temporarily fix a fuel leak until you can get a car repair, simply chew gum until it is soft, then dry off the outside of the fuel tank where the leak is occurring, and apply the gum. Of course, this is not a permanent fix, but it will give you time to get your car to a mechanic.

Use a plunger to remove small dents:
A common car repair need is the removal of dents. However, you can repair small dents on your car’s panel and save yourself the expense of a car repair using a plunger. Simply place the plunger over the dent and pull.

Try nail polish to cover small scratches:
There is nothing quite as aggravating as coming out to your car after shopping and realizing someone next to you was careless with their door and now your’s has a lovely new scratch. Not to mention the fact that this type of car repair is costly. Thankfully, you can easily cover small scratches by using nail polish the same color as your car and at least postpone an expensive car repair.

These handy-dandy do-it-yourself tips are all easy to accomplish and actually work. Try them to bring out your inner Macgyver and postpone a car repair.

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While these hacks will help until you get your car into the shop, it isn’t smart to skimp on car repair. Partner with our expert team to get the car repair services you need fast!

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  1. Car servicing is definitely important. A Lot of things you had seen, like Keep a repair kit in your car. There are many services which provide best and reasonable services for automobiles.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I wish that I knew about the hack to stop a fuel leak sooner. My car had a fuel leak, so I had to call and wait for help to arrive. It seems like a smart idea to use gum to stop a fuel leak. I keep gum in my car all of the time, so now I know to use all of that gum the next time my car has a fuel leak.

  3. These are all great ideas for helping my car start quickly in a bind. Being aware of what to look for really helps me when there are care problems. I will use this the next time I stranded in the desert, which happens frequently.

  4. I never know about this specially using toothbrush and nail polish.. Amazing hack ideas.. Glad that i found your blog.

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