4 Great Car Maintenance Tips

Regular car maintenance is one of the best ways to make sure that your car lives a long healthy life. Take a look at these great car maintenance tips to help keep your vehicle in check.

4 Great Car Maintenance Tips

When To Do An Oil Change
It seems like an eternity that the people have been saying every 3,000 miles. That has been the standard length of time between oil changes for a long time. However, the advancements in lubricants and engine design found in modern vehicles does not always require a 3,000 mile oil change. Some cars call for every 5,000 miles while others can even go all the way up to 15,000 miles. You should check your manufacturers recommendation for your vehicle.

Dirty Air Filter
A air filter that is even semi-clogged can hurt the fuel economy of your car or truck. However the real question is, when do you need to change your air filter? Your should find that the manufacturer has given you a recommended schedule in your manual. This does not mean that is when you need to change “your” air filter. If you drive your vehicle more frequently on dirty street surfaces or gravel roads, chances are your air filter will become clogged faster. If you spend time driving on dirty roads, the air filter in your car might need changes twice as often as the recommended schedule.

Don’t Ignore Your Brakes
The brakes on your car or truck are one of the most important features that you should keep an eye – and ear on. When you start to hear a squeaking or squealing every time you hit your brakes that is you car screaming for help. Ignoring a squeak will lead to a grinding vibration when you apply the brakes. Once that happens, expect to pay even more to have your brakes repairs.

Got A Garage? Use It!
Your home is the most expensive investment you’ve made, followed by your car. Clear all the junk, holiday decorations and garden tools out of the way and start using your garage for what it was made for. Leaving your car outside all year exposes it to many seasonal elements that can damage it. Protect your car and it will live a lot longer.

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  1. Knowing what needs to be done when it comes to maintenance, like these simple but great tips, will surely help your car to last for a long time. Taking care of your car doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to know the basics of maintenance.

  2. Those tips are really necessary. Car Maintenance is becoming more and more expensive, if you take care of your car and done properly, it can be very rewarding.

  3. Nice tips. My favorite way to save money on car repairs is to push out my oil changes. The last several times I’ve been to the oil change place I’ve sort of interviewed the guys working there on how often you should change your oil. That saves me a lot. Thanks!

  4. Following a regular protection plan for your car is the best way to ensure time of driving pleasure. Deciding everyplace to have your car serviced can be the not simple part.Be sure to consult your local car repairs specialist if you require adjustments to your car seating.

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