4 DIY Fixes For Small Cosmetic Car Injuries


car dent with text 4 diy fixes for small cosmetic car injuries

Everybody loves to come back to their car to see a fresh scuff or dent from some jerk who was evidently parking a monster truck. Usually, this seems to happen within the first week of getting a new car. Don’t let fear of expensive cosmetic repairs cause you to park at the very back of the lot, the following DIY fixes will set your mind at ease.

Fix Cosmetic Injuries

Erase Paint Scrapes

For some reason, it’s always a white car that feels the need to scrape a dark car. If you’ve got a paint scrape that hasn’t penetrated the clear coat, try rubbing a little bit of toothpaste on it with a cloth.

Release Dents

Small dents on car panels can be leveled out using a plunger, all you have to do is stick it over the dent and gently pull. If the dent isn’t on a flat surface, it may be more challenging to smooth out — just don’t expect perfection.

Scratches & Chips

Hail damage and scratches going deeper than the clear coat are not noticeable from a distance but you notice because it’s your baby. Manufacturer touch-up paint can be expensive but nail polish or generic color-match paint from an auto parts store will do the job for small spots.

Remove Sticker Residue

As long as you’re not overdoing it, bumper stickers are a fun way to personalize your car. When you get tired of a sticker, it’s just gotten too weathered, or you want to get rid of a dealership’s name, they tend to leave a nasty residue. Water and soap won’t do much, but a drop of nail polish remover or Goo Gone will do the trick. Make sure not to leave it on long and wash the area after so you don’t ruin your paint.


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