4 Car Repair Tips for Busy Parents

Today’s parents are busier than ever. Balancing work, shuffling kids to school and practice, and household errands mean that many parents find that scheduling car repair can be challenging. If you are a busy parent wondering how to make time for much-needed car repair in your busy schedule, don’t worry – we have the answer. Here are four ways you can make time for car or truck repair as a busy parent.

Scheduling Car Repair as a Busy Parent

Stick it On Your Calendar

If you’re waiting on a sign from the auto-repair gods for the perfect opportunity to take your car into the shop, you’ll be waiting a very long time. It’s better to pick a date and stick to it, rather than push out the repair until you run out of chances. Even an inconvenient time for repairs is better than waiting until your car or truck breaks down. Many repair shops will take reservations in advance, so you can block your visit into the family routine.

Think Ahead

Of course, making a reservation ahead of time means that you have to be mindful of your busy schedule. It can be difficult to think of a convenient time to go without your automobile for a few hours – or a few days. As soon as you have the repair date on the calendar, think ahead of how it’s going to affect your week. Try to run errands early, or work out a shared schedule with your partner. The better planning you can incorporate in your repair window, the less stress you’ll have while your car is in the shop.

Make it a Priority Rather than an Afterthought

If your car repair is only going to take a short time, make it the priority of the day. Schedule what errands you can around the appointment. If possible, you can drop off your car at the shop and go to any shops or grocer across the street while your car is being fixed. Make sure to put your car’s health ahead of your plans for that day, but try to balance where you can!

Balance the Kids Accordingly

One major thing that stops parents from bringing their car to the shop is that they are busy transporting kids from school to practice to play dates, etc. Work with your partner, another parent, or a family friend to pick up and drop off for the day. Your kids will enjoy the switch in routine, and it’s a great way to get a quick break while your car is getting repaired.

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