4 Car Questions for First-Year College Students

college moving with text 4 car questions for first-year college students

College is the beginning of many things: new experiences, new friends, and new challenges. Before you send your freshman off for orientation, they should be aware of their campus’ policy on bringing cars. Here are four auto questions to consider before your student goes off to college: 

Bringing Your Car to College

Does the school allow freshmen to have cars?

Some college campuses discourage freshmen from bringing a car for their first year because of parking restrictions or a desire to promote a green campus. Before you assume, check your student’s welcome packet or call Student Services to find out the college’s policy.

Will it inconvenience the family?

Some families can afford to have a vehicle for every member, but some new freshmen are the oldest child in their family. Carefully consider whether or not sending your “child” car with your college student will put your other children at a disadvantage. It could be easier for your college student to function without a car than for your high school kids to do without.

How will you pay for gas and other expenses?

Parking on many campuses costs quite a bit, and gas can be expensive for a college student without a full-time job. Additionally, students should think about how much car maintenance and repairs could cost and factor those expenses into their monthly budget to see if it’s reasonable.

Are there other transportation options available?

Many colleges offer a plethora of public transportation options that make campus navigation a breeze. You may need a car to get into the nearest big city if your college is remote, but for students who attend a university in the city, there are multiple options for getting here and there.

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