30k-60k-90k Mile Service

Regular maintenance on your vehicle is extremely important to increase its lifespan. Most people keep up with oil changes and tire rotations, many forget about a major milestone: 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000-mile service. It’s important to have your vehicle serviced at these milestones and here’s why:

Why is regular maintenance important?

Routine maintenance will extend the life of your vehicle. It will also improve efficiency and overall performance. Additionally, getting your 30, 60, 90k mile service (also known as factory scheduled maintenance) may help protect your vehicle’s warranty, which is important if any major issues are discovered during these checks. Be sure to read the fine print of your warranty when you buy your vehicle – not getting this service could possibly even void the warranty. Having your vehicle serviced regularly can help address any potential problems before they turn into major repairs, which will save you money in the long run.

What is done during these checkups

At these milestones, different components of your vehicle will be evaluated and inspected, and replaced or fixed, if needed. During these service dates, the following may occur:

  • Your oil will be changed and your tires will be rotated and balanced.
  • Your emissions will be tested.
  • We will check your belts and hoses, tire pressure, and air filters.
  • Your engine and brakes will be cleaned.
  • We can flush your coolant system and brake fluid.

Your vehicle will be serviced from top to bottom, inside and out. Factory recommendations for your vehicle will be made under normal and severe driving conditions. We will also keep a record of recommended services for future use.

Why 30, 60 and 90?

After 30,000 miles, every vehicle has parts that need to be inspected or replaced. If you hang on to your vehicle over 90,000 miles, continue routine maintenance every additional 30,000 miles.

If your vehicle is coming up to one of these major milestones, be sure to make an appointment at Performance Auto for your 30/60/90k inspection to help your vehicle continue running at its best.

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