3 Most Common Car Issues on a Road Trip

car driving down tree-lined road with text 3 most common car issues on a road trip

We spend a larger amount of time in cars during the summer than we do during the winter. Between cross-country road trips, errands around town and more frequent visits to see out of town family and friends, your car is sure to be busy. So, it is at a higher level of more importance that you know a little about what can go wrong while you’re out and about. If you don’t, then you are likely to experience one or more of the most common summer car failures.


When Your Battery Goes Kaput

You probably already know that extremely cold temperatures can kill a car’s battery. However, heat can cause your battery to die as well. If you leave a car sitting in the heat, like airport parking, for a week or more it’s possible your battery could die. Cars need to be driven at least on an errand at least once a week, especially if the car is older than 10 years.

Brace Yourself for Blowouts

The heat takes quite a toll on your tires too. When ambient temperatures start to rise, the pressure in your tires does the same. So, what happens when a balloon becomes too full of air? Bam! It pops, just like your car’s tire.  To protect yourself, check the inflation level of your tires more frequently during the summer, and keep a keen eye out for any leaks.

Evaporative System Leaks

Hot weather creates greater pressure everywhere, including the inside of your gas tank. When this happens, the system that handles evaporative emissions is more vulnerable to tearing. As soon as you see that check engine light flick on, take it in for service.

If you would like to know more about how you can prevent a road catastrophe, contact the experts at Performance Auto Repair at (334) 245-6600 today.


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