10 Distracted Driving Statistics You Should Know

woman driving with text 10 distracted driving statistics to know

Despite the stack of accumulated evidence, people refuse to acknowledge the dangers of distracted driving. Unfortunately, texting and other distractions are a growing cause of accidents. Consider these statistics before hitting the road.

1. Millions of Accidents Involve Distracted Driving

Approximately two and a half million road accidents happen every year. Sixty-four percent of those involve distracted driving habits like texting.

2. Thousands of Injuries

Some 421,000 people are injured in distracted driving accidents every year.

3. Texting Is a Major Problem

Texting is behind some 330,000 accidents every year.

4. Texting Is Worse than Drinking

Studies reveal that texting is six times more dangerous than drinking and driving.

5. Five Seconds of Distracted Driving Can Kill

Reading a text message requires about five seconds. At 55 miles per hour, a car covers the length of a football field in the same five seconds.

6. Texting Increases the Odds of Accidents By 23 Percent

Time spent texting makes accidents 23 percent more likely to occur. That’s true even in cases where the other driver is at fault. With the distracted driving component removed, the other driver could have avoided the accident.

7. Almost a Dozen Teens Die Every Day

Texting and driving is a huge problem among teens, who are dying at the rate of 11 per day because of distracted driving.

8. Too Many Teens Ignore the Danger

More than half of teens admit to talking on the phone while driving, while 32 percent of teens confess to texting and driving.

9. Slowed Reaction Time

A teen who is distracted has the same slow reaction time of a 70 year-old person who is not distracted.

10. Drivers Are Overconfident

A staggering 55 percent of teens and 72 percent of adults believe they can easily and safely text and drive.

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