Engine Tune Ups and Auto Service in Montgomery

There are many reasons for your check engine light to come on. Basic automotive maintenance is necessary to ensure your vehicle is in good running condition. Maintaining the vehicle can help prevent additional damage that can lead to parts replacement, as well as, reduce the risk of a major repair. A tune up is a very basic, routine type of maintenance that should be performed every 2 years or 30,000 miles, unless there is a drivability issue which would require diagnosis and repair.

Prior to 1980, a tune up consisted of replacing the points, plugs and condenser, adjusting the carburetor and checking or replacing the cap, setting the timing, checking or replacing the wires, rotors, PCV valve, gas filter and a number of other replaceable maintenance items.

Many people think that, with today’s modern technology, it is no longer necessary to have a tune up or auto service. With the advent of contemporary electronics systems, computerized engine controls and electronic fuel injection, many of the items that formerly needed attention no longer even exist in automobiles and have been eliminated from the tune up. For example, today’s computerized vehicles are equipped with electronic ignitions which eliminates the need for replacing the points and condenser. These components self-adjust ten times every second.

Even with the introduction of modern technology there is still a need for a tune up of essential components of the engine to ensure proper functioning. When you perform a regular tune up, your automobile will perform better and you will reduce the risk of having something mechanically go wrong with your vehicle. Regular tune up services on these essential components will reduce the risk of a major repair. And yes, we can turn that annoying check engine light off for you.

Avoid Costly Auto Repair with Regular Tune Ups

The longer your car is on the road, the more wear and tear it will endure. In order to keep from going to the auto repair shop, consider a tune up from Performance Truck and Auto Repair.

Fuel Filter

One of the most important items to check during a tune up is the vehicle’s fuel filter. The fuel filter is a device that filters out dirt and other particles from your fuel so it burns cleanly. During a tune up the fuel filter will either be cleaned using a special cleansing liquid or it will be replaced entirely depending on the condition of the filter.

Air Filter

The function of the air filter is to keep dirt and other particles out of your engine chamber. All engines need air to compress in order to run. Air is brought in via an air intake and filtered by the air filter’s membrane. Due to the sensitivity of this membrane, during a tune up; the air filter will be replaced. Your air filter and fuel filter should be changed at the same time to ensure your engine is getting the most from its intake and combustion systems.

Spark Plugs and Wires

The spark plugs are a vital part of your vehicle’s fuel combustion mechanism. The spark plugs are located in each cylinder of your engine and provide the initial spark your vehicle uses to burn fuel. Spark plugs can get worn out over time and this can lead to a delay in your engine turnover, a misfire or even cause the engine to stall. For this reason, it is extremely important to maintain these components. During a tune up the spark plugs are inspected and replaced if necessary. The spark plug wires should also be inspected on a regular basis. The spark plug wires take electricity from the distributor and send that electricity to the spark plugs to make the spark. During a tune up, the spark plug wires are inspected and replaced if they are not functioning properly.


The engine uses a variety of rubber belts to run, including timing belts and transmission belts. If a belt happens to snap while you’re driving, the engine will cease immediately. For this reason it is extremely important to check the belts regularly and replace immediately when needed. During a tune up, these belts will be inspected for cracks and general wear and tear to determine whether or not they need to be replaced.

Oil and Fluids

An engine uses a number of fluids to run properly, including power-steering fluid, brake fluid and transmission fluid. During a tune up, all the fluids, including the washer fluid, will be checked and refilled. The engine oil, which is the fluid that provides a lubricant for all the gears in the engine to turn, will also be changed during a tune up.

With modern vehicles, the main items needing replaced on a regular basis are the spark plugs and wires, and some specific filters, such as, the fuel filter, air filter and some emission control filters. When getting an engine tune up, it’s also good to replace your cabin air filter. For older vehicles, during the process of replacing the spark plugs, a technician will check the ignition wires, cap and rotor if your vehicle is equipped with these components.

If you are unsure of what items should be included in your “Preventative Maintenance Service” or tune up, consult with your automotive specialist at Performance Auto Repair. At Performance Auto Repair, our Advanced Level ASE Certified Technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and test all parts to asses whether any need to be replaced. Not only will they replace the filters, check the spark plugs and wires, check the belts and change the fluids, they will inspect all applicable components that apply to your specific vehicle to keep your car, truck or SUV running in top condition.

Manufacturer Recommended Auto Maintenance Schedule

Every vehicle has a manufacturer recommended tune up schedule or auto service interval listed in the owner’s manual. At Performance Auto Repair, one of our highly trained Automotive Service Writers will discuss the details of a Preventative Maintenance Service, specifically for your vehicle, with you and help plan your required service. That way you can schedule the tune up service according to your expected expenses and on your timeline.

There are plenty of reasons for your check engine light to come on, and we’ve got a fix or prevention schedule for all of them. At Performance Auto Repair, we have all the tune up schedules for every vehicle, so whether you have your owner’s manual or not, we can help schedule your Preventative Maintenance Service.

Call Performance Auto Repair of Montgomery today at (334) 245-6600 to schedule your tune-up today!

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