Transmission Service & Repair in Montgomery

The job of your car’s transmission is to transfer the power that is generated in the engine out to the wheels to put the car in motion. It works very similarly to how you can see the gears shift on a bicycle with multiple speeds. The chain transfers the power from the pedals (the bike’s engine) to the wheels. If the chain comes off, even if the pedals are moving, the bike won’t go. If the chain is engaged in too high a gear, it is difficult to get started from a stop or on a hill. The same principle applies to your vehicle’s transmission.

Just like you might oil a bicycle chain to keep it operating smoothly, so also, you can maintain the lubrication in your car’s transmission to keep it operating efficiently and prolong its lifespan.

When it comes to transmission maintenance or repair, there are several processes that come into play. Just like your engine requires oil for lubrication; the transmission requires fluid to lubricate all its moving parts. Over time, this fluid can become contaminated and lose the ability of keeping your transmission performing properly. A transmission service should be part of your routine vehicle maintenance; just like replacing your engine oil. Your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends getting your transmission serviced at specific maintenance intervals.

Protect Against Major Transmission Repairs

Changing the filters and fluid, as well as lubricating the shafts, gears, and other components in your transmission system is critical to maintaining your vehicle.

New transmission fluid restores the holding power between the clutches; reducing slip and heat production. At the same time, flushing the old fluid washes away tiny particles of clutch material and metal shavings. Over time, these by-products of the system are deposited in transmission fluid. If not flushed out and replaced routinely, they will reduce transmission effectiveness and efficiency and eventually shorten transmission life. Those metal particles clog passages and wedge between moving parts, causing wear throughout the transmission. Changing the transmission fluid eliminates those particles and the damage they cause.

The benefit of changing the fluid is to provide better lubrication, improve the holding ability of the friction components, and to reduce heat. Having the transmission serviced helps the transmission to perform more efficiently and reduces your risk of major transmission repair.

State-of-the-Art Transmission Repair & Service in Montgomery

Performance Auto Repair boasts Advanced Level ASE Certified Technicians. The are knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled. We use and state-of-the-art tools and technology to evaluate and address any issue with your vehicle transmission’s operation, beyond draining and refilling the fluid. Our Complete Transmission Service helps increase the functionality and efficiency of your transmission.

Avoid Transmission Repair with Our Complete Transmission Service:
  • Removing and examining the sump or pan (where possible).
  • Pumping out the remainder of the old fluid.
  • Cleaning the pan.
  • Replacing the screen or filter.
  • Reinstalling the pan with a new pan gasket.
  • Refilling with new, high quality transmission fluid.
  • Lubricating the shafts, gears and other components.
  • If applicable, adding a friction modifier or additive package (model specific).

Performance Auto Repair of Montgomery can maintain, service, clean and repair all the internal components of your transmission.

Call Performance Auto Repair of Montgomery today at (334) 245-6600 to schedule transmission repair or service!

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