Reliable Car Air Conditioning Repair

Is your car’s air conditioning system in need of a little TLC? Are you looking for quality car AC repair service? In Montgomery, car air conditioners are not just for summer.  Down here, a bright sunny day in February can be enough to raise the temperature inside your car to a degree that causes you to click on the AC.  When your automobile’s AC is not blowing cold or stops working altogether, let the team at Performance Auto Repair in Montgomery help you cool your heels with air conditioning repair.

Our auto repair shop has state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and Advance Level ASE Certified Technicians who are ready to pinpoint why your vehicle’s AC system is not working.  Our expertly trained technicians can provide car AC repair and service for all makes and models of foreign and domestic automobiles.  We can provide freon or refrigerant service, preventative maintenance or we can repair your vehicle’s air conditioning system quickly and correctly.

Of course, as soon as the summer is over, your heater needs to be in working order, too!  Performance Auto of Montgomery can also repair your car’s heating.

What Causes Car AC to Degrade?

It is important to understand that freon does not evaporate – it leaks. Car AC repair isn’t just recharging the freon levels in your car because if your car is low on refrigerant, it’s due to a leak in your system. Generally leaks will develop in a car’s air conditioning system over time because of the exposure to heat, vibrations, and road wear. It is important to repair a leaking car AC immediately if your vehicle is still using freon as a refrigerant because it depletes the ozone layer. In fact, freon is no longer manufactured in the United States because of its environmental impact and vehicles are using R-134 refrigerant instead.

How Important Is Your Car’s AC?

Obviously the most critical function of your car’s AC system is to keep you and your passengers cool and comfortable. But you may not know that this system is important for proper operation of key components in your vehicle as well. Your vehicle has many operational components that work hard and keeping them from becoming overheated is crucial to your car’s performance.  Your car’s air conditioner takes in air and removes the moisture from the air. This creates the cooling effect inside the car and engine.  Vehicles are equipped with air conditioning systems that work with the heating and ventilation systems to provide cool, dry air.

Components involved in the car air conditioning system include:

  • Compressor- pressurizes the freon in your AC system.
  • Condenser- releases heat from the hot A/C system refrigerant.
  • Receiver-drier-acts as a temporary storage containers for oil and refrigerant when neither are needed for system operation, can trap debris that may be inside the A/C system and absorbs water that many have gotten inside the AC.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve-controls the amount of refrigerant flow into the condenser.
  • Evaporator-removes heat from the inside of the car when you have the A/C on.

Like everything, these systems wear out over time, and if not maintained and serviced regularly, can break down completely. Whether you need routine car ac repair service or repair of something not operating properly, modern technology requires that only certified individuals check automotive air conditioning systems for proper operation.  At Performance Auto Repair, our certified technicians perform preventative maintenance on AC systems in order to help you avoid costly car AC repair.  We can also check your vehicle’s system and recharge your air conditioning using specialized equipment.  If a problem does arise our qualified technicians have the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to properly diagnose the issue and repair your vehicle.

 Signs You Need Car Air Conditioning Service:

You should always be on the lookout for signs that there are some AC problems happening so you don’t get caught out on the open road in high temperatures with no help in sight. Here are some common AC warning signs that you want to be watching for:

  •  AC is not cooling the vehicle in hot weather. This is fairly obvious but if it is only blowing warm air, air conditioning service is needed.  Some causes could be low on refrigerant, damaged cooling fans or something simple like vents or an AC unit clogged with debris.
  • Water is on the passenger floorboards.  After running your air conditioning for a while, water will be draining out from underneath your car. This is normal and nothing to be concerned with. However, if you don’t see that water is draining from underneath and water is appearing on your floorboards, the AC is not working properly.
  • Weird noises or nasty smells are happening.  You should not hear banging, rattling when your AC starts up.  If foul smells are coming from the air vents this could be a warning sign of mold growing in your air conditioning unit itself.  Mold can lead to respiratory problems and other health concerns so air conditioning service should not be put off.

Schedule Your Car Air Conditioning Service Today

When you need reliable and expert car AC repair, don’t wait, call Performance Auto Repair of Montgomery today at (334) 245-6600! If you are seeing signs you need car air conditioning service now, Make An Appointment online and we will get you back the cool road in no time!

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