Personal Guarantee

Performance Partners, Inc.
D.B.A Performance Truck Centers
Personal Guarantee


TO: Performance Partners, Inc.
665 Northeastern blvdMontgomery, AL 36117

In consideration of your extension of open account credit payment terms to : (hereinafter called Creditor), as may otherwise be agreed upon or de facto extended now or in the future, we, the undersigned, [hereinafter called Guarantor(s)] agree(s) to jointly and severally personally guarantee the payment when due, in lawful U.S. Dollars, upon terms, maturity, acceleration or otherwise, of any and all indebtedness of the above named creditor, upon demand of ClearFreight, up to a limit of: US Dollars $.

The word "indebtedness" is used herein in its most comprehensive sense and includes any and all advances, debts, obligations, and liabilities of creditor as they may appear at time of demand or thereafter upon discovery.

Further, Guarantor unconditionally guarantees payment of any and all indebtedness of Creditor in the event of dissolution, insolvency or business failure, or any assignment for benefit of creditors by, or commencement of any bankruptcy, reorganization, arrangement, moratorium of other debtor relief proceeding by or against Creditor or Guarantor, or by the appointment of a receiver for, or the attachment, restraint of or levying of any order of court or legal process affecting the property of Creditor or Guarantor(s). Guarantor(s) also have read and concur with the terms and conditions printed on the reverse side hereof.

This guarantee shall remain in full force and effect until revoked in writing, by certified mail, directed to your Credit Department at their headquarters location shown above. Such revocation shall not in any way affect obligations incurred prior to receipt by ClearFreight of said letter of revocation. This joint and several guarantee will be binding against the Guarantors, their heirs, successors and assigns who hereby, by execution of this document expressly waive the Statute of Limitations, formal demand, and any other legal defense available by law.

This guarantee is made pursuant to the laws of the State of Alabama. In the event of need to enforce this guarantee, Guarantor(s) agree to pay reasonable attorneys' fees and all other costs and expenses incurred by ClearFreight relating to such enforcement actions, together with interest on any delinquent indebtedness at the maximum legal rate.

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