Does Your Car’s Radiator Need Flushing?

Flushing your radiator helps you maintain the longevity of your vehicle. The radiator is an important piece of a vehicle. It’s what keeps the vehicle from overheating while running and also what prevents the engine from freezing up during colder weather. Keep reading for more information about radiator flushing.

When a Radiator Needs Flushing

Radiators will get dirty over time and the water and antifreeze fill with impurities. All of this prevents the radiator from doing its job efficiently. This is when a flush is inevitable because it helps the engine perform optimally. Without it, you’re at risk of your engine overheating in the summer or freezing up in the winter.

Driving Distances

There are two things that indicate when your radiator needs flushing. The first is your driving habits. If your vehicle is always on the go, the radiator fluid and/or water that it contains becomes dirty faster, makes sense, right? So, if you take lots of trips or commute quite a distance to work, flushing the radiator more often will lengthen the lifespan of the vehicle.

Use a High-Quality Radiator Fluid

The quality of the fluid that you use makes more of an impact than you might think. A cheaper brand isn’t always going to be the same quality as a more expensive one; you’ll end up spending more because you’ll have to flush it more.

How To:

  • Make sure the engine is cool
  • Jack up the front of the vehicle
  • Find the radiator & make sure it’s in working order
  • Put a pan underneath the radiator’s drainage valve
  • Pull out the petcock to drain (wear gloves!)
  • Use a garden hose to flush the remaining gunk out
  • Add new coolant up to the fill line

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