Keep Your Vehicle Clutter & Trash Free

Whether you are getting ready for a road trip with the family or you think your car is so cluttered you’re going to explode. Theses car organizational tips will help you find what you need during a hectic trip or just making the rounds dropping the kids at their summer activities and getting yourself to work every day. Continue reading “Keep Your Vehicle Clutter & Trash Free” »

3 Tips For Finding a Reputable Mechanic

While honesty is the best policy, how many people actually stick to that motto on a daily basis? When it comes to businesses trying to get the most money, some places aren’t the most honest about their products and services — this includes auto repair and maintenance. Those horror stories about suspicious mechanics charging more than double for simple repairs, or recommending services that are completely unnecessary. Luckily, not all mechanics are dishonest and finding a reputable mechanic is not too hard to find if you know what to look for. Follow these tips to make sure your mechanic is right for your needs. Continue reading “3 Tips For Finding a Reputable Mechanic” »

Three Ways to You Can Afford Unexpected Car Repair

Car repairs are almost always unexpected and they don’t always come at a time when you’re flush with cash. You could’ve spent just spent your five months savings on a new washing machine. So, what can you do if you haven’t budgeted for a car repair that needs immediate attention? Continue reading “Three Ways to You Can Afford Unexpected Car Repair” »

What to Do When Your Vehicle Starts to Overheat

Whether you are on a road trip or trying to get to work on time, when your vehicle overheats, it can ruin your day. The problem could be as simple as failing to put coolant in your vehicle, this can really wrack up repair and maintenance costs. Below are a few tips that will keep your car from overheating and your money in your bank account. Continue reading “What to Do When Your Vehicle Starts to Overheat” »

What to Look For When Buying New Tires

A new set of tires is not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also improve the overall appearance, function, and safety of a vehicle. If you’ve never shopped for tires before, there are a few things you’re going to need to know. The following information is basic guidelines to help you select the right size and brand of tires for your vehicle. Continue reading “What to Look For When Buying New Tires” »

Make Sure Your Car is Ready For Summer Heat

Plenty of people prepare their cars ready for extremely cold temperatures to make sure they are safe on slick roads and that they will be warm enough. What about summer, though? Making sure your car is up to the test of the US during summertime is just as important as the winter. Continue reading “Make Sure Your Car is Ready For Summer Heat” »

10 Engine Parts Inspected During Your Vehicle Tune-Up

The engine tune-up checklist includes both preventative and restorative engine assessment as well as final maintenance suggestions that will vary depending on the vehicle based on age, mileage, and specific manufacturer recommendations. Continue reading “10 Engine Parts Inspected During Your Vehicle Tune-Up” »

Truck Accessories to Suit Your Lifestyle & Personality

Accessories are a great way to find your red truck in a sea of the exact same truck, but they are much more than that. Whether you need some extras in your truck for practical, work reasons or need a few add-ons for those excellent weekend trips through the dusty roads to the lake, show off your style and functionality. Continue reading “Truck Accessories to Suit Your Lifestyle & Personality” »

What Are Cylinders and What Do They Do?

The majority of cars have 4, 5, 6, or 8 cylinders to power their engines, with the exception of a few high-end luxury sedans with 10 and 12 cylinders. Knowing what kind of engine, how many cylinders, and their orientation can really help you get your car fixed quickly when a problem arises. It can also be helpful to know because doing a quick internet search could help you find an easy fix that saves you money. Continue reading “What Are Cylinders and What Do They Do?” »

Repairing Your Car’s Air Conditioner: Is it Worth it?

When your air conditioner goes out right before the humid, sweltering weather sets in for about five months it seems like the best idea is to just buy a new car you are so desperate. You know that, logically, buying a new car is illogical but getting your A/C fixed could be just as impractical.  Continue reading “Repairing Your Car’s Air Conditioner: Is it Worth it?” »