Do You Replace All of Your Vehicle’s Tires at Once?

Replacing one tire isn’t too difficult to handle financially, but replacing all of your car’s tires at once is expensive — especially if you haven’t budgeted for them. So, do you need to replace all four tires or can you just replace them two at a time? Read our suggestions on how you should replace your tires when the time comes. Continue reading “Do You Replace All of Your Vehicle’s Tires at Once?” »

Need to Know: Tire Alignment & Balancing

Tires need to be adjusted to perform at their highest level. This is why tire alignment, sometimes called wheel alignment, is essential for your car to keep working properly. Continue reading “Need to Know: Tire Alignment & Balancing” »

Are Shocks and Struts the Same?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between shock absorbers and struts are? Are they the same or are they different components? Keeping reading to find out more. Continue reading “Are Shocks and Struts the Same?” »

How to Evaluate a Used Car

Some parts of buying a used car are simple no-brainers, like if it catches fire, rattles, thumps, or smells of heavy smoke. However, a car that test drove well for 10-15 minutes can still have a lot of hidden issues. Continue reading “How to Evaluate a Used Car” »

4 Tips to Save Money on Vehicle Repair

Just thinking about car repair can send shivers through you; they tend to be expensive and take forever in the shop. You’re going to have to spend money no matter, but that means you should give it over to just any mechanic.  Continue reading “4 Tips to Save Money on Vehicle Repair” »

3 Most Common Car Issues on a Road Trip

We spend a larger amount of time in cars during the summer than we do during the winter. Between cross-country road trips, errands around town and more frequent visits to see out of town family and friends, your car is sure to be busy. So, it is at a higher level of more importance that you know a little about what can go wrong while you’re out and about. If you don’t, then you are likely to experience one or more of the most common summer car failures. Continue reading “3 Most Common Car Issues on a Road Trip” »

Does Your Car’s Radiator Need Flushing?

Flushing your radiator helps you maintain the longevity of your vehicle. The radiator is an important piece of a vehicle. It’s what keeps the vehicle from overheating while running and also what prevents the engine from freezing up during colder weather. Keep reading for more information about radiator flushing. Continue reading “Does Your Car’s Radiator Need Flushing?” »

Keep Your Vehicle Clutter & Trash Free

Whether you are getting ready for a road trip with the family or you think your car is so cluttered you’re going to explode. Theses car organizational tips will help you find what you need during a hectic trip or just making the rounds dropping the kids at their summer activities and getting yourself to work every day. Continue reading “Keep Your Vehicle Clutter & Trash Free” »

3 Tips For Finding a Reputable Mechanic

While honesty is the best policy, how many people actually stick to that motto on a daily basis? When it comes to businesses trying to get the most money, some places aren’t the most honest about their products and services — this includes auto repair and maintenance. Those horror stories about suspicious mechanics charging more than double for simple repairs, or recommending services that are completely unnecessary. Luckily, not all mechanics are dishonest and finding a reputable mechanic is not too hard to find if you know what to look for. Follow these tips to make sure your mechanic is right for your needs. Continue reading “3 Tips For Finding a Reputable Mechanic” »

Three Ways to You Can Afford Unexpected Car Repair

Car repairs are almost always unexpected and they don’t always come at a time when you’re flush with cash. You could’ve spent just spent your five months savings on a new washing machine. So, what can you do if you haven’t budgeted for a car repair that needs immediate attention? Continue reading “Three Ways to You Can Afford Unexpected Car Repair” »